We found all 32 NFL teams' hidden awesome plays

Do not pass on Christian McCaffrey (1:15)

Matt Bowen breaks down the impact of Christian McCaffrey to your fantasy team, pinpointing his elite receiving ability. (1:15)

The double-move to Odell Beckham Jr. The Chiefs' inverted Bone formation in the deep red zone. Even the triple-option scheme with ... Jay Cutler.

I dug deep through the tape -- and each team's offensive playbook -- to find plays that each NFL teams need to run more often. So let's go, coaches. Time to move these plays to the top of the game plan.

Here's a cheat sheet to help you follow my diagrams before we get started:

Q = Quarterback
H = Running back
Y = Tight end
U = No. 2 tight end
F = Fullback/H-Back
X = Split end
Z = Flanker
W = Slot WR
R = No. 2 running back (in Pony personnel)

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Buffalo Bills

Load option with Tyrod Taylor

New offensive coordinator Rick Dennison can cater to Taylor's skill set with old-school option schemes when the Bills have the ball in the deep red zone (plus 10-yard line). With the tight end (Y) cracking inside to block the linebacker, and the fullback (F) leading on the safety filling the alley, Taylor (Q) can "option" the defensive end. If the end stays up the field, Taylor keeps the ball and cuts to the end zone. If the end closes to the QB, however, Taylor pitches the ball to LeSean McCoy (H) -- with blockers in front. This is a proven scheme that creates stress for defensive coordinators because of Taylor's running ability.

Miami Dolphins

Modern day triple-option with Jay Cutler

With Cutler playing for Adam Gase again, the Dolphins can use the triple-option run-pass option to create stress for opposing defenses while also featuring their top players at the skill positions. Out of trips bunch alignment, Cutler (Q) can hand off to Jay Ajayi (H) on the inside zone or pull the ball to option the "conflict linebacker." If the linebacker widens, Cutler will keep the ball and get up the field. If the linebacker closes to Cutler, he can throw the screen outside to Jarvis Landry (Z). Tough to stop.

New England Patriots

Find the running back matchup

The Patriots are the best at using running backs to create space and matchups in the passing game. And this scheme helps Tom Brady find that favorable matchup in scoring situations. With James White (H) offset to the slot side of the formation, the Patriots send Chris Hogan (X) and Brandin Cooks (W) down the field on the double post concept to clear out the top of the secondary. That allows White, matched up against a linebacker, to stem up the field and break to the 7 (corner) route. Working through traffic and already at a speed disadvantage, this is a tough route for the linebacker to cover with no help over the top. And that creates a situation in which Brady (Q) can target a true one-on-one to put more points on the board.