The NFL's worst position groups

Cause for concern for this year's QB draft class? (2:14)

Brad Edwards crunches the QBR numbers on this year's draft class of quarterbacks in which five could go in the first round. (2:14)

Roster situations will often dictate NFL teams' priorities while drafting.

With the 2018 NFL draft fast approaching, we identified the worst position groups in the league by using a combination of Pro Football Focus grades, context from our analysis team and advanced numbers from the PFF database. All told, this should give us an idea of which teams will be targeting specific players and positions to fill roster holes.

Quarterback: Buffalo Bills

Depth chart: AJ McCarron, Nathan Peterman

With the trade of Tyrod Taylor to Cleveland, the Bills officially declared themselves in the hunt for a first-round quarterback. The signing of McCarron isn't likely to fill the need, and last year's fifth-rounder Peterman showed he wasn't ready for a starting role. McCarron has only four career starts to his name, all in 2015, and while he showed flashes of solid play, he finished that season with a nondescript grade of 73.3. He struggled in Cincinnati's playoff game against the Steelers, and his work down the stretch was not enough for him to warrant a potential starting opportunity on the open market this offseason.

Peterman was thrust into a starting role in Week 11 last season, finishing with a historically disastrous five interceptions on only 14 attempts. Interception totals can often be misleading, but this was a horrible showing for Peterman. Subsequent relief appearances down the stretch ended with better (though inconclusive) results. He looks the part of career backup at this point, just as he did coming out of the draft a year ago.