Sapp and Strahan to host 'Total Access'

The NFL fined Warren Sapp $50,000 this
week for mistreating officials. Then it hired him.

The league announced this week the Tampa Bay defensive tackle
will appear every Thursday night on the NFL Network with defensive
end Michael Strahan of the New York Giants to comment on league
events. It will be part of "NFL Total Access," the new network's
evening show, starting Nov. 6.

"I like Sapp. He is entertaining," Strahan said. "Whatever I
say or do, it won't cost me $50,000. I will leave that to him."

Sapp said the discussion won't be limited to football.

"We'll be going back and forth on a wide range of topics," he
said. "We're going to discuss whatever's going on in the league,
going on in America, going on in the world.

"Both of us are outspoken and pretty good players, too. It
should be fun, a lot of fun."

Sapp was fined $50,000 on Tuesday for bumping into an official as he entered the field during pregame warmups before the Bucs' game against the Redskins. The league also threatened to suspend Sapp if his behavior continues.

Sapp is appealing the fine on grounds he received no prior warning.