Lepsis was ejected after incident in Baltimore

DENVER -- An NFL spokesman says Matt Lepsis won't be
fined for the incident in last week's game against Baltimore.

Lepsis was ejected when he shoved away the hands of an official
during a heated argument with the Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis in the second

Another official, not the one Lepsis moved, threw the flag and
ejected Lepsis.

Broncos coach Mike Shanahan says after reviewing game tape, he's
surprised Lepsis was ejected.

Shanahan says Lewis should have drawn a 15-yard penalty. He says
Lewis grabbed Lepsis' facemask and taunted him after complaining
about Lepsis' low block.

Ravens cornerback Corey Fuller then joined the fray, sticking
his hand underneath Lepsis' jersey.

Shanahan says when the official tried to break things up,
grabbing Fuller's arm, Lepsis pushed away Fuller, causing the
official to move.