Charge stems from May traffic stop

MORRISTOWN, N.J. -- New York Giants defensive tackle Keith
Hamilton was indicted on a cocaine possession charge stemming from
a traffic stop in May.

The case most likely will not be resolved for several months,
allowing the 12-year veteran to avoid any possible disciplinary
action by the NFL this season. Under its substance abuse policy,
the NFL does not fine or suspend a player until he pleads or is
found guilty.

A grand jury handed up the one-count indictment Thursday.
Conviction carries a prison term of three to five years. Hamilton
rejected a plea bargain by prosecutors that probably would have
resulted in probation and community service.

Hamilton was stopped by police May 22 for having tinted car
windows. Police searched his car and said they found less than 50
grams of marijuana and a folded dollar bill with a small amount of
cocaine inside. A cup containing vodka mixed with orange juice also
was found.