Sherman says thumb's healing fine

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Brett Favre's broken thumb is healing
just fine and wasn't to blame for his interception and three
fumbles in the loss to Philadelphia, Packers coach Mike Sherman
said Wednesday.

The culprit, Sherman said, was the tape on the quarterback's
right thumb covering a plastic splint.

"Because of the wetness and the tape, there may have been a
slickness there," Sherman said. "We have looked at every angle
possible so that would not happen again. According to him, the
thumb played absolutely no factor in his ability."

Favre broke the thumb on his second pass at St. Louis on Oct.
19, but has not missed any games.

Favre had a miserable night against the Eagles on Monday,
throwing for just 109 yards with one touchdown in a game played in
drizzle and rain. The Packers fumbled six times.

X-rays this week on Favre's thumb show it is healing as

"The doctors seem favorable with it," Sherman said.

Favre was to do some throwing in Wednesday's practice, but will
work harder on Thursday and Friday. The quarterback will wear a
bandage on the thumb again Sunday for the critical game in Tampa
Bay. But the team is investigating other alternatives should it

Bucs coach Jon Gruden said Sunday's game was a must-win for both
teams because they are 4-5. As long as Favre can play, he will be a
factor, bad thumb and all, Gruden said.

"If all else fails, they have a Hall of Fame quarterback that
can rip your guts out," Gruden said.

Bucs tackle Warren Sapp watched highlights of Favre's
performance against the Eagles and doubted Favre's thumb would give
the Bucs any advantage.

"As long as he is standing, he is the most dangerous weapon I
know," Sapp said.