Kearse's status uncertain

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee defensive end Jevon Kearse has a high sprain of his left ankle, good news for the Titans because he heard clicking in the joint after being hurt in their 10-3 victory over Jacksonville.

"The encouraging part about what we saw this morning was we
didn't see a great deal of swelling," Titans coach Jeff Fisher
said Monday. "We did the MRI, and the MRI revealed a high ankle
sprain. We're going to have to treat him very aggressively. It's
way too early to speculate on whether he'll be able to play this
week. We'll have to wait and see."

The MRI showed no damage to the joint, and Fisher said Kearse
traditionally has been a quick healer with such injuries. Kearse
was hurt on the Jaguars' second drive when he got his leg caught in
a pile, and Fisher said the defensive end was fortunate the injury
was only a sprain.

The Titans (8-2) visit Atlanta (2-8) on Sunday.

Linebacker Keith Bulluck suffered a mild concussion against the
Jaguars, and Fisher said defensive tackle Robaire Smith also had a
concussion after someone stepped on his head. Safety Lance Schulters had some swelling in one of his knees, but Fisher said it
was not a problem.

"We came through it pretty well considering it was a physical
ballgame," Fisher said.