Johnson fined for post-touchdown sign

On the same day the NFL fined Saints wide receiver Joe Horn $30,000 for his mock cell-phone call in the end zone during Sunday's game with the Giants, the league also slapped Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Johnson with a
$10,000 penalty.

Johnson retrieved a sign from behind a snow drift and held it up after a 10-yard touchdown catch Sunday in the Bengals' 41-38 win over San Francisco. The oft-fined Johnson brought out a sign that read: "Dear NFL: Please don't fine me again."

In November, Johnson told ESPN The Magazine's Dan Le Batard that being part of the NFL is "like private school," saying, "They keep fining me for the shoes every week. It's ridiculous."

Johnson sports all-orange shoes that he claims the league fines him $5,000 per week for wearing.

A Cincinnati second-round draft pick in 2001, Johnson says that he's also been fined for "end-zone celebrations, shirt being out, towel being too long, (pretending to be) taking a picture. (I've been hit with a) fine for taking my helmet off in the end zone and putting it back on, and giving a throat-slash gesture."

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.