Owens: Comments were overblown

What's the fuss?

Terrell Owens says comments made on his Web site about Jeff Garcia last week should not have been taken so seriously.

Owens, now a free agent, appeared to ridicule Garcia, saying he would only stay with the 49ers if the team found someone else to play quarterback. "I'm willing to work out a contract if the Niners can get a quarterback to match my skills as a receiver!" Owens wrote at the time.

After his comments were reported by the meanstream media, including the San Francisco Chronicle and ESPN.com, Owens says the comments were taken out of context and exaggerated.

"As anyone knows who has spent any meaningful time in this section of the Web site, I take a very lighthearted approach, have fun with our members, do not take anything or any subject too seriously," Owens wrote, in a statement posted on terrellowens.com Monday night.

"To that end, the manner in which many of the answers were published by the local media was absurd as they took many of the questions and answers out of context, ignored the manner in which the answers were often given [most often playful]," Owens wrote.

Another example of Owens' "light" approach: he also said on his site last week that third-string quarterback Ken Dorsey would be the next Joe Montana.

Last week Owens also brought up Garcia's January DUI arrest, but appeared more sympathetic Monday night.

"Jeff Garcia is experiencing some personal difficulties at this time, and I have the utmost sympathy for him and his family," the statement read. "Jeff has had a tremendous amount of success as the quarterback of the 49ers. He is undoubtedly one of the toughest and most courageous competitors with whom I have ever played.

"What has caught my attention was how many members of the local media went to such great pains to point out the good deeds that Jeff has done for his community when reporting on his current situation," the statement read. "I agree and applaud this approach, as one mistake should not take away from the many other good works one does…

"My point was simple -- could you imagine how I would have been treated by the local media if I had received a DUI?"

Owens did touch on his negotiations again Monday night, saying that he is not happy with the lack of progress.

"As I talk today, the 49ers have yet to seriously pursue a new contract with me," the statement read.

In bold, the statement continued, "As a player who was drafted by the 49ers and who spent the past eight years giving all I have to the organization, you can imagine how that makes me feel."