Roberts fined $1,000 for Super Bowl antic

HOUSTON -- The man who frolicked near naked on the field
during the Super Bowl was fined $1,000 Tuesday but won't have to
spend any time in jail.

Mark Francis Roberts, 39, was fined by the same six-woman jury that
found him guilty Monday of misdemeanor trespassing. That carries a
maximum sentence of six months in jail and up to a $2,000 fine.

Jurors deliberated for about an hour before deciding on the
sentence, courts coordinator Rachel Ferrel said.

"The whole reason I did it was to entertain people, America,"
Roberts said Monday. "If making people laugh is a criminal
offense, I should be sentenced to prison for life."

Roberts, of Liverpool, England, jumped a knee-high barrier and
paraded on field after halftime of the New England Patriots' Super
Bowl win over the Carolina Panthers.

Roberts ran on dressed as a referee, stripped down to a
football-shaped G-string and shoes, then started dancing a jig at
the 30-yard line for about a minute.

New England linebacker Matt Chatham leveled Roberts as he ran
from security personnel. Roberts, who had the name of a gambling
Web site scribbled across his chest, was hogtied and carried off
the field by police.

Roberts' Web site claims he has pulled 380 similar streaking
stunts but has never before been found guilty on criminal charges.