Defensive end says arrest a 'disruption'

CINCINNATI -- Defensive end Justin Smith apologized to
Cincinnati Bengals teammates and fans Wednesday for his drunken
driving arrest.

With a Bengals cap on his head and coach Marvin Lewis at his
side, Smith sat at a table and read from a folded sheet of paper on
his lap. He declined to take questions.

"I just want to apologize today to my teammates, my coaches and
our fans for the situation I put myself in and the Bengals'
organization," Smith said. "I cast us in an unfavorable light and
it's a disruption to our team, and the fans don't deserve it."

The Bengals have declined to talk about his arrest, preferring
to wait until the case is decided in court.

Smith, 25, was stopped by a Montgomery County sheriff's deputy
who saw his truck weaving in a Dayton suburb early Tuesday. He told
the deputy he had five beers, and he swayed while walking during a
sobriety test, according to the arrest report.

A breath test found he had a blood alcohol level of 0.152, the
report said, nearly double the state's legal limit. He was taken to
the county jail and later released on bond.

Smith faces a maximum six months in jail and $1,000 fine for the
misdemeanor charge. He's scheduled for arraignment next Tuesday.

Typically, first-time offenders are put on probation and ordered
to attend an alcohol education course.

Smith was the Bengals' first-round pick (fourth overall) in the
2001 draft. He set a team rookie record for sacks with 8½ that
year, but his total has declined the last two years.

Smith said he couldn't discuss the case.

"I do know, however, that it's important to me to focus now on
the commitment to my team and the city, and always cast the
organization and myself in a good light from here on out," he
said, his voice cracking.