Ravens RB's friend in court

ATLANTA -- Jamal Lewis was supposed to share in the proceeds of the cocaine deal for which he is expected to serve prison time, according to the friend who arranged the transaction.

In a statement presented Monday in federal court in Atlanta by his attorney, Steve Sadow, Angelo Jackson said that the Baltimore Ravens running back was to share in the $4,000 expected from the deal to buy and sell cocaine.

Jackson, a hometown friend of Lewis', was in court to plead guilty as part of a plea arrangement. He is to receive a five-year prison term for attempting to possess with the intent to distribute one kilogram of cocaine.

Lewis' attorney, Donald Samuel, denied Jackson's assertion and told the Baltimore Sun on Monday night that the claim would have no effect on Lewis' plea agreement.

"The government knew, I think, knew that was what Jackson's statement was going to be," Samuel said. "Jamal Lewis maintains he never had any financial interest, and the government accepted that."

Lewis, who pleaded guilty earlier this month to using a telephone to facilitate a drug-trafficking crime, has agreed to four months in prison following the football season, two months in a halfway house and 500 hours of community service.

Jackson and Lewis are to be formally sentenced on Jan. 26 by U.S. District Judge Orinda Evans, who has conditionally accepted the pleas but could reject them if she finds the basis for the agreements is flawed, the Sun noted.