Incident at Vermont airport

BURLINGTON, Vt. -- Miami Dolphins wide receiver David Boston, who has been on injured reserve and rehabilitating in Vermont, was arrested last week and charged with simple assault at the Burlington airport. He faces a Dec. 7 court appearance.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Boston's flight was delayed several hours; when boarding was announced, he arrived at the gate just as the attendant was closing it.

The attendant, Ed Gorchinski, said he told Boston, "I'm sorry, the gate is closed. You'll have to take the next flight."

Boston allegedly pushed his way past the attendant, hitting him in the face and causing an injury. Burlington police were continuing to investigate the incident, according to the Post, which happened on Oct. 20 according to The Associated Press and Oct. 19 according to the (Fort Lauderdale) Sun-Sentinel.

If convicted, Boston faces a fine and a maximum 30 days in jail. His agent, Mitch Frankel, did not return a phone call from the Post Monday.