Loving the MNF spotlight

Whew, what a game!

We needed a game like that to bounce back from the loss to the Patriots. We blew out the Dolphins and of course the critics are going to say that we were supposed to do that, but I'll be the first one to say, "It's not easy to win in the NFL."

I'm glad our offense did well, but I was more concerned about how my defense performed. For those that watch us, one thing you can hang your hat on is that we're going to play hard. That sounds good and all, but we know we can dominate if we just quit hurting ourselves mentally. Yesterday was a great example of how well we can play defensively if we're all on the same page. Of course it helps when your offense puts up 41 points.

The game felt like it took a year to get here. We were so anxious to get back on the field; we started complaining and getting frustrated. Honestly, it wouldn't have mattered who we played yesterday, we were going to make a statement. Too bad we miss the extra day to pat ourselves on the back. We have to start getting ready for Buffalo now.

It is different playing teams twice in a season. During the game, I'm having flashbacks of the same things they ran in the same situation, and it makes me wonder if they're really going to do it again. I had to stop that in a hurry or else I would have been playing mind games with myself all night.

I wish I was a fan so I could hear what John Madden had to say about me during the game. It's not that I really care but when you grow up hearing him ever since you started watching the NFL and MNF, it's interesting to hear him say those same things about you. I'll call my sister and get the scoop because I know she was paying close attention.

I lost a day playing on Monday, so I got to get on the grind now. Talk to you next week.