Ready for The Bus

What's up guys, I know it's been awhile but I have been having the "greatest" time with the wonderful world of technology. My computer's so messed up that I have to send it back to HP for them to fix it.

That's miniscule as opposed to what our record is right? We're 9-3 baby! On the verge of making the playoffs, and feeling real good about ourselves. We just beat the Texans, who are a pretty good team if you haven't been paying attention. The score was 29-7, but the first half was a lot closer than the final score. If you wanted to see our defense do a 180, that was it right there.

We started a little slow in the first half defensively, and it was the first time we all said as a group, "that's enough, they get no more yards." Sure enough they had about 12 yards rushing in the second half and 50 yards passing. We know that as long as we do our part and give our offense the ball, we have a chance to win every game. You can see what our offense can do. It's almost scary how efficient they are.

On a personal note, I received Rookie of the Month honors for November. I really am excited about it, but now is not the time or the place to sit back and relish how well I'm doing. I'm glad that people took notice of how I'm playing, but I would rather have a Super Bowl ring handed to me in February. There's no better feeling than knowing you're the best. I'm talking about hands down number one nobody can argue about it. That's what happens when you win.

This week I literally have the biggest challenge yet. I'm facing "The Bus," Jerome Bettis, and he's a load. I better put my hard hat on this week and tighten my buckles because it's going to be one of those games.

Hopefully we get the win and I can sit here next week talking about how we're destined for the playoffs. Talk to you next week.