Fowler optimistic for new stadium

Businessman Reggie Fowler doesn't own the Minnesota Vikings just yet, but he's already eyeing a relationship with Randy Moss, one that keeps the star receiver in Minnesota.

"I think we all have to have a set of standards," Fowler told the Star Tribune. "I think Mr. Moss is, if not the finest, one of the finest receivers in the league today. And I think he's a winner. A lot of times when you want to win, you get excited.

"So I look forward to working with Randy, and I think he'll do all the things we need him to do. I don't know that you take some of the best players in the league and start trading them. We need those people to help us win, and I think Randy's one of those guys."

Fowler also hoped to clear up any questions regarding his business dealings, including reports of lawsuits and controversies surrounding the companies Fowler owns.

"Most of it's not true," Fowler told the paper. "I hope to prove that we are credible individuals and hope to get the people of Minneapolis excited about what could happen in the next 30 days or so."

Part of that excitement, Fowler hopes, is the ability to put a plan together for a new stadium.

"We'd like to think there are many options," he told the paper. "One of them, of course, is public funding or state funding. Another option is going privately. We have to evaluate those different options. But at the end of the day, we're confident that we can get something done."