Former NYC mayor stars in commercial for plan

NEW YORK -- Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani -- a longtime advocate for new stadiums for New York's sports teams -- is lending his support to the plan to build a new home for the Jets in Manhattan.

Giuliani, who talked about building a West Side stadium for the Jets while he was still in office, is featured in a new commercial promoting the project, according to the Jets.

The commercial was scheduled to air during Saturday night's episode of "Law and Order" on WNBC. It begins with Giuliani saying "I love New York." The former mayor goes on to assert that the project will help create jobs.

"A city that continues to grow, that continues to build, is a city that can put teachers and firefighters and police officers and tens of thousands of New Yorkers to work," he says.

It is no surprise that the former mayor supports the project. While in office, Giuliani laid out a plan to build a stadium complex in the area. "This would become the most famous sports facility in the world," the mayor said in Jan. 14, 1999 remarks to the City Council.

Before leaving office, Giuliani announced a deal to build new stadiums for both the Mets and his beloved Yankees. The plan was shelved by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a vocal supporter of the West Side stadium plan.