Team awaiting results of Winslow's MRI

CLEVELAND -- Browns tight end Kellen Winslow Jr. underwent an MRI Tuesday to determine how badly his right knee was injured in a May 1 motorcycle crash.

Browns spokesman Bill Bonsiewicz said the club was still awaiting results.

The Browns have only revealed that Winslow hurt his knee and shoulder. Doctors had been waiting for swelling to subside in the
21-year-old's knee before performing more tests.

Winslow, who was released last week after nine days at the Cleveland Clinic, crashed his high-powered motorcycle into a raised parking lot curb at 35 mph.

Winslow played in just two games as a rookie before breaking his right leg in the closing seconds of Week 2 against Dallas.

If Winslow can not play because of injuries from the accident, the Browns might try to collect part of the money they've already given him as part of his $40 million contract. Winslow's deal contained a clause that stipulated he not engage in dangerous off-field activities.