Gibbs got 'carried away' in comments about officiating

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said he
got "carried away" when he publicly disputed several officiating
calls in Sunday's 36-35 loss to Tampa Bay.

Gibbs said he called the league office to express his regrets.

"I should have dealt with that better than what I did, and I
should work within the system," Gibbs said Wednesday. "You get
emotional. You get carried away with things, and you just say
things you wish you hadn't said."

Gibbs was fined $10,000 last month for saying there was a lot of
"mystery stuff going on" with the officiating after a loss to
Denver. He comments about the Tampa Bay defeat were less
inflammatory, but he did say Monday that he had evidence on tape to
dispute the calls on several plays, including the 2-point
conversion run by Mike Alstott that won the game in the final

Gibbs implied Monday that the questionable calls decided the
game, but he took a much calmer stance Wednesday.

"I never feel like a referee's call cost you a game," Gibbs
said. "You play your way out of a game. It's never one player.
It's never one call."