Three Paganelli brothers to serve as NFL officials

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- One Michigan family knows how to play
by the rules.

The Paganelli family will soon have a fourth member to serve as
an NFL official when 38-year-old Dino Paganelli puts on the black
and white uniform this season.

He will join brothers Perry and Carl Jr. as the first sibling
trio to officiate games at the same time, according to Mike
Pereira, the league's supervisor of officials.

"Every time we've hired a Paganelli, he's been the best
candidate for the position," Pereira told The Grand Rapids Press.
"Perry was first, and he's been terrific. Carl has been
outstanding, and Dino may be the best yet. He may be a first-year
official, but he's certainly not a rookie in terms of experience.
He's been on our radar screen for a long time."

Dino Paganelli was named one of four new officials this season,
bringing the league's total to 120.

Their 60-year-old father, Carl Paganelli Sr., first became an
official 44 years ago.

The brothers will be assigned to different crews.