What to watch in Week 7

I'm concerned with the play of the Cincinnati Bengals' offense. They aren't running the ball and the offensive line isn't protecting Carson Palmer. They only have 13 explosive plays (plays of 20-yards or more) this season, which ranks 19th in the league. There's nothing wrong here with the quarterback, receivers or designs of the plays. All the problems lie with the O-line. I've watched the tape and this team is leaving big plays on the field because of the poor play of the O-line. Palmer is either getting hit as he throws, doesn't have enough time to let the play develop or the ball is getting batted down because he's throwing under duress. This week offensive lineman Levi Jones is out and is being replaced by Andrew Whitworth and it's going to be interesting to see if the rest of his linemates step up in his absence or if the poor play will continue.

Of course, this affects Palmer's play and the way the offensive coordinator calls his plays. It'll be interesting to see if the Bengals start changing their game plan to take advantage of Palmer's gifts and to offset the poor line play.

-- Ron Jaworski

Schlereth's game overview

Editor's note: This week, Mark Schlereth will take a quick look at each game and you can check out his picks on the expert's picks page.

Eagles at Bucs: Defensively, the Eagles put a great deal of pressure on the quarterback and that will be the key to victory this week.

Jaguars at Texans: The Jaguars are coming off a bye week and should be healthier for this game. They will be more physical than the Texans.

Steelers at Falcons: Atlanta has to get a legit drop-back passing game to be a real contender.

Patriots at Bills: The bye week should've helped Tom Brady and his receivers come together.

Panthers at Bengals: I just don't think the Bengals have done a good job protecting the QB and that's going to cost them facing a monster like Julius Peppers.

Packers at Dolphins: The Dolphins are just a bad football team and the Packers will walk in this game.

Lions at Jets: The Jets are at home and they will need that 12th man.

Chargers at Chiefs: The Chargers are one of the NFL's most physical teams and the Chiefs proved last week they can't handle physical football.

Broncos at Browns: Denver's defense is playing outstanding football. It will keep pressure on Charlie Frye and will force the young quarterback into making some mistakes.

Vikings at Seahawks: Minnesota hasn't been able to put points up on the board because it plays too much dink-and-dunk football. The Vikings need to get the ball downfield and create some big plays.

Cardinals at Raiders: The Cardinals should bounce back against a horrible football team as Matt Leinart is exceeding everyone's expectations except his own.

Redskins at Colts: The Colts' offense has woes running the ball, but that unit is facing a defense without its two starting cornerbacks. The Colts shouldn't worry about establishing the run this week.

Giants at Cowboys: The Giants are going to be able to pressure Drew Bledsoe and put him on the ground consistently.
-- Mark Schlereth


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