Super Bowl Championship Series Standings

For the Super Bowl Championship Series standings, the formula is almost identical to that of the BCS Standings. We used two polls (ESPN.com's power rankings and Pro Football Weekly rankings) and six computer ratings (Sagarin, Massey, Greenfield, Moore, Gabrielle and Coffey). Just as in the BCS, the high and low computer ranking are thrown out, and the other four are averaged. Unlike the BCS, five of the six computer programs are considering margin of victory (only Massey is not).

Because we don't have the actual voting points for the polls, we are taking each team's average between the two polls and making that number count as two-thirds of the SBCS average. Normally, each poll would separately count as one-third of the formula. Points for the polls and computers are assigned by giving 32 points for each No. 1 ranking, 31 points for each No. 2 ranking and so on ... all the way down to one point for being ranked last (as the Lions virtually are across the board). The averages shown on the standings table are a reflection of that team's percentage of a perfect score.