Foxworth shows no indication of lingering problems

DENVER -- Domonique Foxworth is embarrassed more than

The Broncos' versatile defensive back collapsed and
hyperventilated in the locker room after recording 14 tackles in
Denver's 24-23 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Foxworth, who was able to walk out of Invesco Field on his own,
practiced Wednesday without incident.

Afterward, in his first public comments since the scare,
Foxworth said he was fighting a cold that left him congested and
feeling lousy. He said doctors told him his body wasn't releasing
carbon dioxide properly.

"From what I understand, it was a snowball effect," Foxworth
said. "I don't think I was getting as much air as I needed the
entire game and it caught up to me in the locker room."

Foxworth, who played safety, nickel back and on all four special
teams units, said: "I don't remember blacking out. I've heard
conflicting stories from my teammates. Some of them might want to
tell a good story, who knows? But from what I remember, I just came
in, I remember people talking to me and then I was just breathing
really heavy and the whole breathing heavy part was just a blur.

"And then I remember when I regained everything I looked up and
there was like 60 people standing in front of me and then I felt
real stupid," Foxworth said. "It's like, 'Get away from me. I'm
fine now.'"

He said he would rather have talked about his career-high 14

"There we go, 14 tackles, that's a good job," Foxworth said.
"Hyperventilating in the locker room afterward, not so cool."