Packers' coach McCarthy says Favre will be in camp

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- Brett Favre will have ankle surgery
in the next few weeks, and Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy
says the three-time MVP will have plenty of time to recover for

Brett Favre Favre

The 37-year-old quarterback was supposed to have surgery on his
left ankle the day after the season, but skipped it and had yet to

"Yes, we're looking to have it done ... in the next couple of
weeks," McCarthy said.

McCarthy, wearing a No. 17 Matt Kenseth hat, spoke from the
garage area of the Daytona 500, where he was attending the NASCAR
race with his daughter.

McCarthy led the Packers to an 8-8 finish in his first season as
a head coach last year. Now, as next season awaits, he's
"absolutely" certain Favre will be in place for minicamps.

"[Team doctor Pat] McKenzie and Brett, they've been through
this whole process," he said. "We're going to be fine."

McCarthy, daughter Alexandra and two members of the team's
administrative staff toured the garage and met with Kenseth, a
Wisconsin native and rabid Packers fan. McCarthy said he
appreciated the time with his daughter, who lives with her mother
in Austin, Texas.

"This has been a really nice trip to get away for three days,"
the coach said.

This was the first NASCAR race for McCarthy, who saw a few
similarities to football.

"There's so much strategic design in everything they do, and
trying to push the envelope at every turn," McCarthy said.
"That's the part that I'm fascinated with."

Still, McCarthy admits he's a racing rookie.

"I know the basics of it," McCarthy said. "I have a couple of
nephews that are really into it. I've also learned a lot just being
here this weekend."