Owens fined 'thousands' for videotape TD celebration

IRVING, Texas -- After seeing the videotape of
Terrell Owens' latest touchdown celebration, the NFL office wasn't

Owens said Wednesday he was fined "a good chunk of money" --
which he later defined as thousands of dollars -- for a celebration
that included him using the goal post and football to poke fun at
the New England Patriots' spying scandal during Dallas' 37-20 victory over Miami this past Sunday.

A league spokesman said the fine was $7,500.

"It wasn't even the fact I used the goal post as a prop,"
Owens said. "They said I used the ball."

Beyond being confused about what he can and can't do, Owens is
frustrated by the league's policing of end-zone scenes.

"It's kind of hard to understand the rules," he said. "It's
like you can't do nothing no more. ... Dude, it's like they're
trying to find any way to take fun out of the game. So I'm kind of
limited right now as far as what I can do."

T.O. plotted his celebration days before, after getting
suggestions from callers on his weekly radio show. He said he likes
making them timely.

Now, though, he's going to be more careful with what he does.

"Nothing's worth getting a fine for," he said.

Owens said he'll consider an appeal, but "it may not even be
worth it."

How about saving his act until he gets to the sideline?

"I guess so," he said. "Next, they're going to be saying you
can't go to the sidelines."