Titans' Young fined after unsportsmanlike conduct penalty

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Titans quarterback Vince Young was fined
$7,500 for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in last Sunday's
22-20 loss to Indianapolis.

The NFL fined Young for throwing the ball at Colts defensive
back Kelvin Hayden just before halftime and it cost the team 15
yards. Hayden had pushed at Young's head, and the quarterback
responded by tossing the ball toward the ground at Hayden's feet.

Young declined to comment on the fine during Saturday's practice
before Tennessee's Monday night game in New Orleans, but did mention the play Sunday after the loss.

"Things happen. They're always going to flag the second guy. They caught me in the act and that's why they flagged me. That's the ref's game, they're going to do what they have do to call a good game.''

Several Colts players also claimed Young was making hand gestures and yelling at their sideline during the game.

"That's how people get hurt," Colts safety Bob Sanders said to reporters after the game. "We're after you. You know what I'm saying? I told him, 'If I was you, I'd be quiet.'"

Sanders also questioned Young's tactics.

"I didn't think that was smart on his part," Sanders said. "He was running around talking and clapping and chanting. I'm like, 'Look, we're hitting you. Are you serious? You're going to start acting like that?'"

The Associated Press contributed to this report.