Vrabel fined for pushing Thomas into Anderson; says he'll appeal

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The NFL has fined New England Patriots linebacker Mike Vrabel $5,000 for an incident late in Sunday's game against the Browns that members of the Browns said was "dirty," according to Boston-area media reports.

The Browns were infuriated when, with 11 seconds left and the Browns running a play to spike the ball dead, Vrabel went low on Browns rookie left tackle Joe Thomas, pushing him into quarterback Derek Anderson.

"You've got to get fined for that," Browns left guard Eric Steinbach said of the play after the game. "If he's going to keep going on like that, maybe he doesn't care about a $5,000 fine. But I wouldn't want that reputation."

Vrabel said Friday on ESPN Radio that he would appeal. Earlier this week, when asked about Steinbach's comments, Vrabel said, "I'm sorry that they feel that way. I don't play that way, and I'm sorry they feel that way. We're going to move on."