Williams lifts weights, meets with Dolphins teammates

DAVIE, Fla. -- Ricky Williams' latest comeback formally began Monday with some
weightlifting and meetings with Miami Dolphins teammates.

He'll practice for the
first time Wednesday, and it's possible the enigmatic running back
could play next Monday when the Dolphins visit the
Pittsburgh Steelers.

Officially, though, Dolphins coach Cam Cameron has a
wait-and-see attitude.

"He hasn't practiced yet," Cameron said. "We'll take it one
day at a time and evaluate each day and see what the next day
brings and then I think you just take it from there and see what

Williams' suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse
policy was lifted last week, and Cameron welcomed him back to the
team. Williams has played in only 12 games since retiring before
the 2004 season, then returning.

Most Miami players seem intrigued to see what Williams can still
do. If he can help salvage something from the Dolphins' season,
then even better.

"I'd do anything for a victory right now," linebacker
Joey Porter said late last week when news of Williams' return permeated
the locker room. "That's where I'm at."

Players, including Williams, weren't available for comment

Williams hasn't played in the NFL since 2005, when he averaged
4.4 yards per carry and finished with 743 yards for the Dolphins.
He led the league with 1,853 yards in 2002, his first season with
the Dolphins, and has clearly been an offensive spark before.

But Cameron didn't assure that Williams would be rushed back
into the lineup. Quite the contrary, really, considering the
noncommittal way Cameron responded about the notion of playing
Williams against the Steelers.

"We haven't even practiced yet. I think that might be a
question probably down the road here in a little bit," Cameron
said. "But I think today, with a guy I haven't seen practice yet
and whose conditioning is a little bit of a question, I probably
can answer that later on in the week."