Patriots' 'intangibles' helped Moss make his decision to stay

Randy Moss' return to the New England Patriots was no sure thing, made evident by the fact the Philadelphia Eagles somehow slipped into the negotiating picture during the past weekend.

But Tim DiPiero, Moss' agent, said in The Boston Globe there were "certain intangibles" that pushed matters in the Patriots' favor.

"Oftentimes, when people judge whether a contract is a success, they look at how much it's worth. But there is more to life than just pure money," DiPiero said, according to The Globe.
"In this case, Randy experienced some intangibles during the year, from his friendships, to his relationship with the coaching staff and others in the organization. Those intangibles had some value here."

Moss' new deal with the Patriots is for $27 million over three years, with a guarantee of
$15 million, including a $12 million signing bonus. DiPiero would not discuss other teams that were seriously in contention to sign Moss, and how much money was involved.

"I think Randy saw that he was in a great situation. Sure, he could have made more money, if that was his only consideration. I think he's more mature now. So once we were able to work out some details, we got it done. We weren't going back and forth trying to play games with the Patriots. The negotiations were done in good faith," DiPiero said in The Globe.

The Patriots chose not to place a franchise tag on the 31-year-old Moss, which went a long way in the negotiations. DiPiero said that move, or lack of one, showed the Patriots' respect for the record-breaking wide receiver, and Moss considered this a positive sign.

"I think Randy and coach [Bill] Belichick developed a mutual respect that is kind of neat," DiPiero said in The Globe. "It was showing they wanted to work on a multiyear deal that Randy would be happy with."

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.