Washington man arrested in connection with Pacman strip-club shooting

LAS VEGAS -- A Washington man was arrested Friday in the triple shooting at a Las Vegas strip club that led to the suspension of NFL cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones.

Las Vegas police said Arvin Kenti Edwards was arrested late Friday at the Yakima County Correctional facility, where he was already in custody on unrelated charges.

Police said Edwards, 29, of Renton, Wash., faces three counts of attempted murder with a weapon and three counts of battery with substantial bodily harm. Edwards remains jailed awaiting extradition. It wasn't immediately clear if he had an attorney.

Las Vegas police spokesman Bill Cassell would not provide more details.

Club bouncer Tommy Urbanski was paralyzed from the waist down in the February 2007 shooting at the Minxx strip club during a raucous NBA All-Star Weekend.

Las Vegas police said Jones incited a fight that led to the shooting. The 24-year-old suspended Tennessee Titans star pleaded no contest in December to a disorderly conduct charge, agreeing to a year probation, random drug testing, community service and anger management classes.

Two co-defendants also took plea deals.

Jones' lawyer declined to say when his client last spoke with detectives.

"Adam continues to cooperate with the Las Vegas police department," said Las Vegas-based lawyer Robert Langford. "He is happy that whatever assistance he provided was helpful in making the arrest of the shooter."

Jones' bodyguard, Robert "Big Rob" Reid of Carson, Calif., pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit disorderly conduct in return for a promise of one year of probation. Reid had faced a felony coercion charge.

Sadia Morrison of New York, pleaded no contest to a felony battery charge in return for prosecutors dropping other felony charges.

Sentencing dates for Jones, Reid and Morrison have not been set.

Witnesses at the strip club told authorities that Jones grabbed money from a large plastic trash bag and showered strippers on stage with cash in an act known as "making it rain." A melee ensued, and shots were fired later outside the club. Urbanski, another bouncer and a female patron were wounded.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Jones last April for the 2007 season for his off-field conduct. The sixth pick in the 2005 draft has been arrested six times since being drafted. His status for the 2008 season remains unclear, although Goodell has said he will consider reinstating Jones before the season if he remains on his best behavior.

Minxx owner Robert Susnar said he was happy to hear of the arrest and expected his employees would be able to help investigators.

"We had plenty of people who got a clear look at the guy. I'm confident that if, in fact, that person they have in custody was the shooter, he will be identified by our employees," he said.

Urbanski was "ecstatic" to learn of the arrest, said Matthew Dushoff, lawyer for paralyzed Urbanski and his wife, Kathy Urbanski.

"This is something he always hoped would happen," Dushoff said. "But it's been so long since the incident he thought they would never find the guy."

Urbanski has filed a civil lawsuit seeking to recover unspecified damages from Jones, the NFL, the Titans and the owners of Harlem Knights, a Houston strip club that rented the Las Vegas club the night of the shooting.

A Nevada state court judge dismissed the Titans from the civil case on jurisdictional grounds, saying the team didn't do business in Nevada and couldn't be held responsible for Jones' behavior at the strip club.

The league has sought to be dropped from the Urbanski case on similar jurisdictional grounds.

Jones' lawyer has said that despite Jones' plea in the melee inside the club there was no evidence linking Jones to the shooting outside.

No hearing date has been scheduled in federal court, Dushoff said.