Goodell: League would ask players to tuck hair in helmets

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell clarified the league's position on the length of players' hair when he met Tuesday in Washington with the NFL Players Advisory Committee.

Goodell told the committee that the league's teams are not asking players to cut their long hair, but would ask players to tuck their hair back into their helmets during games, according to player sources.

A proposal by the Kansas City Chiefs governing hair length was tabled at the recent owners' meetings to be discussed at the next scheduled meetings in May.

However, the issue of safety is a sticking point, too. It pertains to potential concussions because a massive amount of hair tucked into the helmet could compromise the integrity of the helmet's protective measures. Goodell told the advisory committee the league will consult with Riddell, the NFL's helmet provider.

It was determined that 62 players with considerable hair length would be affected by a rule change and the committee was not ready to embrace the proposal.

This year's players advisory committee is comprised of NFLPA president and Titans center Kevin Mawae, his Tennessee teammates Kyle Vandenbosch and David Thornton, Drew Brees of the Saints, Brandon Moore and Tony Richardson of the Jets, Mike Furrey of the Lions, Hunter Hillenmeyer of the Bears, Shaun O'Hara of the Giants and John McGraw of the Chiefs.

Chris Mortensen covers the NFL for ESPN.