Redskins draft pick Davis a no-show at practice

ASHBURN, Va. -- Washington Redskins second-round draft pick Fred Davis did not show up for minicamp practice Sunday, having overslept on just his third day in the NFL.

The team sent security officials to track down the tight end after he failed to arrive as scheduled from a local hotel, where the rookies were housed during the three-day minicamp.

"Everybody was scouring," coach Jim Zorn said after the practice. "Nobody heard from him, so there was one of two scenarios: either there was some real trouble and we needed to find him, or he screwed up. I haven't even got to talk to him yet. I know he has been found. I believe it is more in the 'I screwed up' category."

Davis eventually arrived at Redskins Park and met with Zorn in his office.

"He just had a setback," the coach said. "Hopefully everybody will learn from the lesson that he is having to learn right now about what it is going to take to get to a place on time, to be responsible."

Davis was the 48th overall pick out of Southern California in last weekend's draft.