Embattled ref Hochuli returns for Browns-Ravens

BALTIMORE -- Back in action after his admitted incorrect call last week, NFL referee Ed Hochuli worked Sunday's game between the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens.

Hochuli's call last Sunday played a key role in Denver's 39-38 win over San Diego. Denver quarterback Jay Cutler dropped back to pass, the ball slipped from his hand and a San Diego player recovered. But Hochuli, who has refereed two Super Bowls, ruled it an incomplete pass.

Denver retained possession, scored a touchdown and then won with a successful 2-point conversion.

In his return Sunday, Hochuli spoke with confidence on the loudspeaker during the first half.

During the days leading up to the game, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said, "Mistakes are a part of our game. We do everything we can to avoid them, but Ed's a fantastic official, and he'll continue to be a great official."

Multiple media reports last week said the Hochulli was personally answering e-mails from angry fans. But a source close to the referee told ESPN's Chris Mortensen that the league told Hochuli to stop discussing the matter publicly.

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.