Delhomme joins the ranks of dismal winners

You don't need to be a football writer to understand that Carolina QB Jake Delhomme had a bad game Sunday -- you don't even really need to be a football fan.

We're sure that disinterested significant others, young children with a solid grasp of teamwork and even relatively intelligent house pets could have picked up on the fact that the guy with the ball had a white jersey but kept throwing to the team in the black jerseys.

Delhomme was 7-of-26 for 72 yards and one touchdown to go up against four interceptions. This was all against a Raiders team with an average secondary besides folk hero Nnamdi Asomugha, who was challenged once by a foolish Delhomme and left with his first interception of the year.

Although the Raiders have the fourth-best DVOA in the league against No. 1 receivers, mostly thanks to Asomugha, their pass defense coming into the game was only 17th in the league because of the failings of DeAngelo Hall, Stanford Routt, (the other) Chris Johnson, Michael Huff and others.

Despite what should've been a simple game plan, Delhomme stumbled miserably and put up one of the more atrocious performances in recent memory. What made the whole thing even more impressive was that the Panthers still managed to win the game, 17-6. It got us to wonder whether Delhomme's performance was the worst game produced by a winning quarterback in the era that we've developed advanced statistics for (1995-2008).

Delhomme produced minus-187 DYAR (Defense-adjusted Yards Above Replacement) on Sunday, all passing. Since 1995, there have been 206 instances in which a quarterback has produced minus-150 passing DYAR or worse in a game, including twice this year: Derek Anderson in Week 3, and JaMarcus Russell in Week 9. Those 206 quarterbacks went a combined 16-190. There were only five games in which a quarterback had fewer passing DYAR than Delhomme and still won. In order of reverse dismalness:

5. Vinny Testaverde, 2001 Jets vs. Panthers (-190 DYAR, 21-of-34, 181 yards, 0 TD, 3 INTs)

This game suffers mightily from opponent adjustments, as Testaverde was playing a Panthers team that was in the midst of a five-game losing streak that would go on to stretch the rest of the year, as it won the opener and proceeded to lose 15 games. The Jets scored only because of an interception return and two field goals, giving them a 13-12 win; Curtis Martin, meanwhile, ran for 159 yards and nearly outproduced his quarterback in yards on the day.

4. Rex Grossman, 2006 Bears vs. Vikings (-192 DYAR, 6-of-19, 34 yards, 0 TD, 3 INTs)

Not the 2006 Grossman game you were expecting, huh? This was a game against the Vikings in which Grossman could do absolutely nothing against an average pass defense. Cedric Benson had more rushing yards than Grossman did passing, and Thomas Jones came up two yards short. The Bears won thanks to a Devin Hester punt return, an interception returned for a touchdown, a safety and two field goals.

3. Craig Krenzel, 2005 Bears vs. Titans (-202 DYAR, 10-of-27, 116 yards, 0 TD, 2 INTs)

This was an ugly performance against a bad team -- Tennessee was rebuilding and had a pass defense that was 23rd in the league. The Bears won 19-17, thanks to an interception return, a punt return, a field goal and a safety, which would sound familiar if it weren't for the fact that this safety was the game-winner and came in overtime. Billy Volek managed to get sacked in the end zone to lose the game and still had a better day than Krenzel.

2. Trent Dilfer, 2000 Ravens vs. Cardinals (-216 DYAR, 12-of-22, 71 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT)

Dilfer had this game against a Cardinals defense that ranked 28th in the league against the pass.

1. Rex Grossman, 2006 Bears vs. Cardinals (-285 DYAR, 14-of-37, 144 yards, 0 TD, 4 INTs)

Nothing even comes close to the infamous "They Are Who We Thought They Were" game from Monday Night Football in 2006, when Rex Grossman laid the egg of a lifetime only to get bailed out by two fumble returns and the punt return that made Hester a legend. Anyone who ever says his quarterback is "just a winner" should be forced to have the Grossman from this game play quarterback for his team for eternity.

Here are the rest of the best and worst players of Week 10, according to the Football Outsiders DYAR statistics.

Bill Barnwell is an analyst for FootballOutsiders.com.