Ravens' Walker says he didn't spit on Steelers' Berger

Baltimore Ravens cornerback Frank Walker denied that he intentionally spit on Steelers punter Mitch Berger, saying it was an accident during a heated confrontation at the end of the game.

"It was a slobber moment," Walker said. "Yeah, say it, don't spray it. After the kick, he felt like I tried to take his kicker's knee out and I was just trying to block his kick."

Berger and kicker Jeff Reed told Pittsburgh reporters they don't believe Walker.

"I had my mouth open and was about to say something when he spit right on me," Berger said. "It wasn't something that happens by accident when you're talking sometimes. There was the full noise, he made the full spitting noise."

Added Reed: "I just couldn't believe he did what he did. It was disgusting, just classless."