A few things that jumped out from the Colts-Jaguars matchup

Sometimes, it just jumps off the screen. Other times, it takes a second or third look. Scouts Inc. watched the Colts-Jaguars matchup and learned a few things about each team.

Colts 31, Jaguars 24
• To say that QB Peyton Manning was hot versus the Jaguars would be a gross understatement. He showed his skills once again during the Colts' comeback victory. Manning manipulated matchhups pre-snap and was always aware of down and distance, tempo and time on the clock. He was always up on his toes when he dropped back while surveying the field. Manning did a great job of looking off defenders and delivering the football on time with anticipation. Make no mistake, he is hands down the best quarterback in the game.

• The Jaguars are using a lot of double-tight end sets on early downs. This helps Jacksonville's offensive tackles quite a bit, and LT Khalif Barnes needs every bit of help he can get. FB Greg Jones is on injured reserve and the Jaguars do not have an able replacement for him, so using tight ends instead fullbacks is a logical change. Also, throwing to the tight ends is safe. TE Marcedes Lewis still drops far too many passes and is still a better blocker than receiving threat, but he certainly has become a prominent contributor in the passing game, especially with the team's issues at wide receiver. It is clear that the tight ends are now a huge part of this offense.

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