Tomlinson: No intentions of leaving

LaDainian Tomlinson reiterated Wednesday that he plans to continue his career in San Diego. Whether the team agrees is an unknown.

"As for now, I am a Charger and will be until I am told otherwise," he wrote on LaDainian Tomlinson.com. He said he'd received a number of messages on the Web site about his status with the Chargers.

Tomlinson, 29, battled injuries to his toe, knee and groin last season, and had a career-low 292 rushing attempts and 1,110 yards. He is a five-time Pro Bowler who has played his entire eight-year career with the Chargers, but he's been injured for the playoffs the last two years.

He has three years remaining on an eight-year contract he signed in 2004 that, at the time, made him the highest-paid running back in NFL history.

The contract, like many in the NFL, was backloaded and the Chargers are looking for salary cap flexibility. Speculation in San Diego is that Tomlinson may be asked to take a pay cut.

Chargers general manager AJ Smith appeared unmoved in comments to the San Diego Union-Tribune on Thursday.

"My first reaction was we both have similar feelings," Smith said. "I have no intentions of leaving San Diego. San Diego is where my GM career started and where I'd like it to end. I also have nothing but love and the utmost respect for this team, the players and the Spanos family. I have absolutely no control over how long I will be with the Chargers.

"As for now, I am the Chargers' GM, and I have major decisions to ponder for the organization now and in the future. My recommendation to Dean Spanos will be what's in the best interest of the team -- both short and long term. That's my job. That's what Dean hired me to do."

Tomlinson's agent, Tom Condon, told the Union-Tribune on Wednesday he hadn't "even started thinking about" a possible pay cut for his client. The Chargers have said they don't play to deal with the matter until after the Pro Bowl.

"I feel that I need to make it very clear that I have NO intentions of leaving San Diego," Tomlinson wrote on the Web site. " San Diego is where my career started and where I'd like it to end. I have nothing but love and the upmost respect for this team, the players and the Spanos family (Chargers owners). Me being trade[d] is completely out of my hands. I have ABSOLUTELY no control in that decision making."