Dallas Cowboys Season Video Review

2008 Record: 9-7 3rd in NFC East Standings

Week 1: Cowboys vs. Browns highlights - Tony Romo leads the Cowboys to a convincing 28-10 win vs. the Browns in Week 1.

Week 2: Eagles vs. Cowboys highlights - Highlights from the Cowboys victory over the Eagles in a 41-37 shootout.

Week 3: Cowboys vs. Packers highlights - Tony Romo and the Cowboys defeat the Packers 27-16 for the first time ever at Lambeau Field.

Week 4:
Redskins vs. Cowboys highlights
- The Redskins were able to get the best of the Cowboys in this NFC East battle.

Week 5:
Bengals vs. Cowboys highlights
- Highlights of the Cowboys' Week 5 victory over the Bengals from NFL GameDay.

Week 6: Cowboys vs. Cardinals highlights - The Cardinals edged out the Cowboys 30-24 in a wild game in Arizona.

Week 7: Cowboys vs. Rams highlights - Highlights from the Rams 34-14 upset victory over the Cowboys in Week 7.

Week 8: Buccaneers vs. Cowboys highlights - Highlights of the Cowboys 13-9 victory over the Buccaneers from NFL GameDay.

Week 9: Cowboys vs. Giants highlights - Highlights from the Giants 35-14 win over the Cowboys from NFL Scoreboard.

Bye Week: Romo expects to play - Tony Romo updates his injured pinky and expects to play in Week 11 vs. the Redskins.

Week 11: Cowboys vs. Redskins highlights - Highlights of the Cowboys 14-10 victory over the Redskins from NFL GameDay.

Week 12: 49ers vs. Cowboys highlights - Terrell Owens gets back on track as the Cowboys win their 2nd in a row beating the 49ers 35-22.

Week 13: Seahawks vs. Cowboys highlights - Highlights of the Cowboys 34-9 victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

Week 14: Cowboys vs. Steelers highlights - The Steelers score 17 straight 4th qtr points in a 20-13 win vs. the Cowboys.

Week 15: Cowboys vs. Giants highlights - The big plays and radio calls from the Cowboys' crucial victory over the Giants at Texas Stadium.

Week 16: Ravens vs. Cowboys highlights - The Ravens defeat the Cowboys 33-24 in the final regular season game at Texas Stadium.

Week 17: Cowboys vs. Eagles highlights - The Eagles win their way into the playoffs with a 44-6 victory over the Cowboys.