March 1 incident won't cost Marshall

Denver Broncos Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Marshall will not face any disciplinary action from the NFL stemming from a March 1 arrest, league spokesman Greg Aiello confirmed to ESPN.com and ESPN's John Barr on Tuesday afternoon.

The league investigated a domestic dispute in downtown Atlanta that resulted in both Marshall and his fiancée being arrested. Charges were dropped for both parties the next day. Marshall's lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, said Marshall received a letter from commissioner Roger Goodell clearing him but also cautioning him to steer clear of trouble. Denver station KDVR-TV first reported the story earlier Tuesday.

Marshall was suspended for three games at the start of the 2008 season after several incidents involving former girlfriend Rasheedah Watley. However, the suspension was knocked down to one game after a Marshall appeal. He has been arrested three times in the span of 12 months, twice for domestic disputes.

"I'm thankful to the league and their findings today, but this is also a continuance of me looking into the mirror and growing into the man I know I should be," Marshall said, according to KDVR.

"Getting straight to the point, I understand that there can't be any more hiccups from me. With that said, I guarantee, repeat, I guarantee there won't be any more from this day forward. I am excited for the path that I'm on. For the most part, this past year has been a blast for me. I have had the opportunity to work with Rev. Kelly and the kids at the Open Door program, to getting engaged and the planning of our wedding, and even making it to the Pro Bowl while playing last season at 80 percent."

Marshall is not out of the woods yet, however. He is scheduled to stand trial in Atlanta next week for two counts of misdemeanor battery, charges that stem from a March 2008 domestic incident involving Watley.

"The pending case will be subject to review when appropriate," Aiello told ESPN on Tuesday. "The notification [Marshall] received from our office applied only to the March 1st incident."

Steinberg shot down speculation he wanted the trial on the 2008 incident delayed until after the season so that Marshall could get through the season before he'd be subject to any possible penalties from the NFL.

"My attitude is let's see what happens in court. There's all this speculation about what punishment he could face," Steinberg said. "Mr. Marshall maintains his innocence and we're looking forward to this trial."

Steinberg added that he wants the trial rescheduled for later this summer so that it's over by the time the season starts.

On March 1, just weeks after his engagement to Michi Nogami-Campbell, the couple were arrested outside their Atlanta condominium building when, according to police, they were seen hitting and kicking one another during an argument.

An off-duty police officer who witnessed the altercation told ESPN that at one point Marshall grabbed Nogami-Campbell by her shirt and pinned her up against the wall, while she continued to hit and kick him.

Marshall and Nogami-Campbell were arrested for disorderly conduct and booked into the Atlanta City jail. Charges against the couple were dismissed the same day.

Sunday on ESPN's "Outside the Lines," Marshall characterized the incident as "an argument" and praised the courts for dropping charges.

OTL detailed problems between Marshall and Watley. Marshall continues to deny all of those allegations.

The Broncos declined comment to The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Marshall is rehabbing from March 31 hip surgery and hopes to be ready by training camp in late July.

His agent, Kennard McGuire, said his client is rehabbing at his home in Orlando, Fla., and his absence from the Broncos' voluntary minicamp this week isn't a ploy to seek a contract re-negotiation.

Marshall is due $2.2 million this season in the final year of a four-year contract he signed as a rookie. Although he's had back-to-back 100-catch seasons and made the Pro Bowl this year, there are questions about what kind of player he'll be coming off hip surgery.

Marshall caught 104 passes for 1,265 yards and six TDs last season. But he dropped 18 on-target passes, something he blamed on the nerve damage in his right arm, which he said he put through a television set while horsing around with his brother a year ago in the offseason.

New Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said he wishes Marshall were rehabbing in Denver but doesn't hold it against him. He said he was confident Marshall would attend the Broncos' mandatory minicamp June 12-14.

McDaniels also said there's still plenty of time for Marshall to learn the new offense he's installing in place of Mike Shanahan's old West Coast system.

"There'll be plenty of time. We have a lot of practices in August," McDaniels said. "None of our injured players are out here. So, that's just kind of a standard procedure for us. He wouldn't be out here, either.

"And he's had plenty of opportunity to learn this spring. Again, these are voluntary sessions, so he doesn't have to be here, and nobody does. So the curve is the same as it is for everybody else. He'll have enough time to get caught up when he's healthy and ready to go."

Bill Williamson covers the AFC West for ESPN.com. Information from ESPN's John Barr and Dwayne Bray and The Associated Press was used in this report.