Jones says he got rid of T.O.

CARROLLTON, Texas -- Terrell Owens has departed Valley Ranch, but his former employer is still keeping track of him.

Speaking at an organized team activities session Thursday, Jerry Jones told reporters that he "reads very carefully" what Owens has been saying from Buffalo.

Asked if he was interested in Owen's recent comments, Jones said, "The answer is yes. He's credible with me."

That led to the obvious question: Is there credibility to Owen's steadfast belief that quarterback Tony Romo and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett ran him out of town?

"Of all the people on the planet that know why he's not here, it's me," said Jones.

Jones said he had a "good relationship" with Owens, but kept reiterating that he's the only one who knows the "rationale" behind the decision. Jones went on to say that Owens's assertions that Romo and Garrett were co-conspirators may have been "news to them."

Owens told AOL Fanhouse he isn't sure about that.

"Maybe it was out of his hands a little bit," Owens said of Jones. "Maybe it was conspired to get me out of there. But I went through this little period of being down about it [and] now I'm gone and will never forget it."

Owens has been discussing his farewell from Dallas via Twitter and the media in Buffalo. Even his house-shopping has become a news story in recent days.

"I'd say it hurt," Owens told AOL Fanhouse. "I was very disappointed, especially when you established a lot of trust gained for three years that I was there, and when somebody blatantly tells you you're not going anywhere on two different occasions, and you've established that bond. If you don't have a man's word, and it doesn't stand for anything, there's really nothing left and there's not a whole lot of trust."

Jones said he sought advice before making the decision to release Owens, but he reminded reporters that he was the one who pulled the trigger. He also admitted he enjoyed all the attention that Owens received when he was with the Cowboys.

Matt Mosley is the NFC East blogger for ESPN.com.