Shockey says he's focused

Jeremy Shockey didn't say much, but he did speak on Monday about being taken to the hospital from a pool party two weeks ago.

"If you're halfway intelligent you can read what everybody wrote," Shockey said, according to The Sporting News. "You know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. That's in the past. I'm looking forward to the future."

A New Orleans Saints spokesman said that Shockey became dehydrated on May 24 at the party, called "Rehab" at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, and required medical attention. The Web site TMZ.com first reported that paramedics were called after Shockey was found unconscious.

Shockey didn't want to elaborate on what happened that day.

"I'm not here to talk about what he heard, she heard, he said, she said, ... like that, " Shockey said, according to The Sporting News. "Let's talk about what's going on now."

He made a point to say that his life off the field is not affecting his performance. Injuries limited the tight end last season to 50 catches for career lows in yardage (483) and touchdowns (0).

"I know my heart and my desire are in this, so people can question it all they want," Shockey said, according to The Sporting News. "It's always good practicing, leading up to the season. But the No.1 thing to keep in mind is it's during the game when it counts, not when it's out here with pillows on your shoulders.

"It's when you have the pads on and you're going against a real opponent. I think everyone knows I'm here to try to help this team win. I'm not here to sell jerseys or anything like that. I'll have the time this year to show people I'm healthy and different from last year."