Police: Cable will be questioned

The Napa, Calif., police department plans to question Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable about his alleged role in a skirmish that left assistant coach Randy Hanson with a broken bone in his face.

A department spokesperson said Wednesday that Cable would be interviewed as part of the ongoing investigation in the near future, but a date was not specified.

The department has been contacted by NFL security and said it is cooperating with the league, the spokesperson said.

Hanson was hospitalized following the Aug. 5 attack that he told police was initiated by a member of the Raiders coaching staff at the team's training camp hotel in Napa. According to reports, Cable attacked Hanson during a meeting with some of the team's defensive coaches.

Last week, Cable said "nothing happened."

"When all the facts come out, everything will be fine," he said.

Hanson has spoken to Napa police and has not been seen at Raiders camp since the incident. The case was initially closed and then reopened Friday when Hanson agreed to cooperate with authorities.

"Hanson's future with the team is currently being addressed," a Raiders executive said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Hanson has retained an attorney specializing in employment law, potentially signaling yet another lawsuit for team owner Al Davis, who's already locked in a legal battle with former Oakland coach Lane Kiffin.

Collen Dominguez is a reporter for ESPN. Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.