Mangini says grievances not unusual

BEREA, Ohio -- Eric Mangini says there's nothing unusual about a player protesting a fine.

Players union spokesman George Atallah confirmed on Sunday that the NFLPA has filed a formal grievance over Mangini fining a player $1,701 for not paying a hotel for a $3 bottle of water.

"Grievances are common. People grieve with every single team," Mangini said Monday. "It's not unique at all. I guess what would be more surprising is if 90 percent of fines aren't grieved. That's not just with us. That's any team."

Mangini said after Sunday's loss to the Baltimore Ravens that "I've dealt with a lot of football players over time and I feel very comfortable with my ability to deal with people."

The Browns (0-3) host Cincinnati (2-1) this week.