Sources: Haley pulled coaches off field

Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley borrowed a page from his mentor Bill Parcells when he pulled his entire coaching staff from the practice field Friday as they wrapped up preparations for Sunday's home game against the Dallas Cowboys, sources said.

Haley was unhappy with his team's sloppy attention to detail when he ordered his staff off the field while the players remained.

A few Chiefs players were puzzled but veteran linebacker Mike Vrabel, guard Brian Waters and tight end Sean Ryan proceeded to reorganize the practice and run it from the laiminated practice script.

In his lengthy tenure as coach, Parcells was known to have pulled his staff on two or three occasions when he was displeased with practice.

Haley was on one of those Parcells' staffs in 1998 with the Jets when he left the players alone on the field to finish practice.

Chris Mortensen is a senior NFL analyst for ESPN.