Deion talks Crabtree, Bryant

In an interview with the NFL Network on Sunday, Deion Sanders said he had not yet been contacted by the NFL in regard to the Michael Crabtree tampering investigation but said he would tell the truth if questioned.

The truth, Deion Sanders said, is that he has no knowledge of any tampering by the New York Jets in the San Francisco 49ers' negotiations with the wide receiver, drafted 10th overall in the 2009 draft.

On Sept. 4, Sanders said on the NFL Network that two teams were willing to pay then-holdout Crabtree at least $40 million.

Shortly thereafter, the 49ers filed tampering charges against the New York Jets. The Jets have denied any wrongdoing.

"... Eugene Parker told me. That was my source. Eugene Parker told me that the San Francisco 49ers told him there were two teams that were going to trade for Crabtree but, guess what, we're not going to trade him," Sanders said in the interview.

Parker was Sanders' agent when he played in the NFL.

Crabtree ended his holdout this week, agreeing to a contract with the 49ers. Crabtree's contract is for six years and $32 million that could maximize to $40 million if he achieves every incentive in the deal, a source told ESPN.com's John Clayton. The guarantee in the contract is $17 million, but he is expected to make $19 million over the first three years and $23 million over the first four years. The five-year deal is worth $28 million, according to the source.

Sanders also denied any wrongdoing or improprieties Sunday related to Oklahoma State receiver Dez Bryant, who was suspended indefinitely by the NCAA last week.

Sanders, an eight-time Pro Bowler before retiring from the NFL in 2005, affirmed that Bryant was ruled ineligible for lying to the NCAA during its investigation of the All-American's interaction with Sanders, not for the substance of any meeting between them.

Sanders said Sunday he was confused as to why there is a tampering investigation under way.

"I'm confused why there's an investigation on Dez Bryant as well as Michael Crabtree. It seems like it all points back to Eugene. I think people are upset with his success. I'm elated about it, but I'm not helping him in any means. He has seven first-round picks in the last two years. I don't know not one of them. Check the record. I didn't even introduce Eugene to Michael Crabtree. You know how Eugene got Michael Crabtree? By Larry Fitzgerald. It's common sense," Sanders said in the interview.