Berrian joins Peterson over 100 mph

The Minnesota Vikings' offense doesn't just burn defenders -- it burns rubber.

Two days after star running back Adrian Peterson was cited for driving 109 mph in a 55 mph zone, his teammate, wide receiver Bernard Berrian, was ticketed for topping the century mark on an area interstate.

Minnesota authorities say Berrian was driving 104 mph in a 60-mph zone.

Minnesota State Patrol Capt. Matt Langer said Saturday that Berrian was cited for speeding on I-694 in Oakdale about 9:40 p.m. Monday.

The state trooper who pulled Berrian over said he was polite and cooperative, and the trooper apparently did not realize he had stopped a member of the Vikings, WCCO-TV reported.

Last Saturday, Peterson was cited for driving 109 mph in a 55 mph zone in Edina.

"It is a little bit odd, but on the other hand, I like the publicity about it, because it sort of tells people here are the ramifications, first of all," Langer said, according to WCCO-TV. "And you're going to get caught."

Video footage of Peterson's traffic stop Nov. 28 shows he reacted with disbelief when he was informed how fast he was going, according to media reports.

"How fast you think you were going?" an Edina police officer asked him, according to The (Minneapolis) Star Tribune. When Peterson replied, "85," the officer replied, "You think you were 30 over the limit? I got you going 109."

After giving Peterson the ticket, the officer told Peterson, "Good luck to you tomorrow," according to the report.