Rookie Watch: Oher tops final list

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The 2009 rookie class ended up being a very solid group. I never had trouble in any given week coming up with my top 10 players as there were plenty to choose from.

However, what has been difficult is coming up with my rookie of the year. This was a close race between primarily two players, with either Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin and Baltimore Ravens OT Michael Oher holding down the top spot in the rankings on a weekly basis.

Oher Oher

Harvin has held down more weeks in the top spot, but Oher made a late push and that is why I am going to go with him as my rookie of the year.

Offensive linemen do not get enough credit in the rookie of the year balloting. We saw this a few years ago when the honor should have gone to San Diego Chargers LT Marcus McNeill. There are no real stats to gage an offensive lineman. There is not a stat for sacks allowed. A big reason for that is because defensive linemen sometimes stunt up front and it can be tough to tell who actually gives up a sack unless you just flat out see the defensive end run by an offensive tackle on the island.

The bottom line is that nobody consistently could turn the corner on Oher this season. He possesses excellent foot quickness, agility and balance. He was as effective versus the speed rush as he was the bull rush. Due to injury he at one point had to move over to the left side and looked as comfortable on the right side. For that reason Oher is my rookie of the year.

Here is the rest of the top 10: