Limo driver testifies in trial

DENVER -- A man driving a limousine carrying Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams and his entourage testified that he saw a white SUV pull up beside the vehicle just as shots rang out but couldn't see who was firing.

Ryan Alexander, 37, testified Thursday during the third day of testimony in the trial of Willie Clark, a suspected gang member accused of killing Williams on New Year's Day 2007. Others testifying were Broncos player Elvis Dumervil. At least five other current or former Broncos may testify in the case.

Prosecutors say Clark fired the fatal round at Williams' rented limousine after two men claiming affiliation with gangs confronted a group of Broncos players after being sprayed with champagne inside the nightclub.

Alexander described a melee outside the club involving up to 20 people, with members of Williams' group saying, "Lay him out, to knock him out," referring to the people they were tussling with.

At some point those in Williams' group exchanged words with some people, "telling something about Texas." He said he also saw the group confronting the Broncos players flashing what appeared to be gang signs.

After he drove away in the limousine, Alexander testified that he saw the SUV pull up next to him and began firing shots. He veered off the road and saw bullet holes in the stretch Hummer and saw that Williams had been shot.

"From his nose down, he was just full of blood," Alexander testified.

Defense attorney Darren Cantor claims Clark is being made a scapegoat and the prosecution's case is built on testimony from people who have pending criminal cases who are trying to cut deals with authorities. Cantor told jurors that another witness told cellmates he shot into the limousine.

Earlier in the day, Dumervil testified that he recorded a phone conversation between him and a female friend of Clark's. In that conversation, the woman can be heard talking about the melee outside the nightclub and Clark searching for a gun.