Coach feels 'very good' about Leinart

Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt says he's not worried about quarterback Matt Leinart, who is scheduled to take over from retired Kurt Warner next season.

"I feel very good where Matt is right now," Whisenhunt said Monday, according to USA Today. "... Matt's ready to take the reins and be the quarterback that we all feel he can be."

Whisenhunt told radio station XTRA910 last week that he'll hand the starting job to Leinart "when he goes to three Pro Bowls" and the Super Bowl -- both of which Warner did. Whisenhunt learned from newly acquired safety Kerry Rhodes that Leinart has worked out in Southern California for more than a month with a group that included Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

"After it was reported where I said, 'Matt's going to compete for the job,' his response to that was he'd look forward to that competition," Whisenhunt said, according to XTRA910. "Matt said he was going to show us that he was ready to play. To me, that was a great sign of maturity and that's the kind of thing we've been looking forward to seeing from Matt."

Warner retired after the Cardinals were eliminated from the NFL playoffs by New Orleans in January. In four seasons with the Cardinals, Leinart has thrown for 3,893 yards and 14 touchdowns. He has played in 29 games as a professional.