Goodell: Young suspension unlikely

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters Sunday he will meet with Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young in the next few weeks to discuss his involvement in an altercation at a Dallas-area strip club.

Goodell, who was speaking at the NFL's rookie symposium, told reporters the league is "still gathering the facts" about a shooting last week outside a birthday party for Michael Vick involving one of his co-defendants in his dogfighting case.

Goodell said Young, a first-time legal offender who received a misdemeanor citation for assault, was unlikely to be suspended.

Earlier this year, Goodell conditionally suspended Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for six games after police investigated Roethlisberger on sexual assault allegations in Georgia. Roethlisberger was not criminally charged following the investigation, but Goodell said he was suspending the two-time Super Bowl winner for behavior that "undermines or puts at risk the integrity and reputation of the NFL, NFL clubs or players."

Asked if Young had also put the league's reputation at risk and whether that would inform his decision, Goodell said he reviews each case individually.

"The intent of the [personal conduct] policy is to intervene so you help some individuals make a better decision and avoid these troubles. So when I sit down and look at all the facts around Vince or any other player, you want to make sure they understand that and what the policy was designed to do and more importantly understand the responsibility [of being an NFL player]," he said, according to FoxSports.com.

Goodell said the league was told by Virginia Beach, Va., police that Vick is not a focus of their investigation into the shooting outside a birthday party held for the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

Quanis Phillips, one of Vick's co-defendants in his dogfighting case that led to a 21-month federal prison sentence and a lengthy NFL suspension, was hospitalized after the confrontation and shooting, which did not involve Vick. However, Vick could be in violation of his probation and the terms of his reinstatement to the NFL if he's found to be associating with Phillips.

According to media reports, it was not clear if Phillips was invited to the party or had any contact with Vick. Eagles team sources said they believed Vick had left the party before the incident, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

"Obviously, we've got to look and see whether there was any violation of policy," Goodell told reporters.